Sunday, March 1, 2020

Swatch: Nicole by OPI 'You're an Angel'

Swatch of Nicole by OPI 'You're an Angel', a warm-toned, golden-pink shimmer polish

Today I have an 'Oldie but Goodie' nail polish swatch to share. This manicure features Nicole by OPI's 'You're an Angel'. 'You're an Angel' is a medium-toned, golden-pink shimmer polish which is so unbelievably beautiful both in the bottle and on the nail, that it took quite a few tries to get a semi-accurate photo - and even so, the pictures in this post aren't really doing the polish complete justice. The polish appears much warmer, and reflects a bit more golden-pink in person. I think a lot of the difference comes down to my ambient lighting being warmer than the lighting I use for my pictures.

I really used to love the Nicole by OPI brand. They carried a lot of fun, youthful, and trendy polishes that were great quality, and readily available at pretty much any drugstore. You could really count on NOPI to find something somewhat unique, innovative, and original, or just plain gorgeous! And they did so many fun collabs: Modern Family, Gossip Girl, The Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Carrie Underwood, etc... They were so culturally relevant! I really miss that line! 

If they ever decide to bring back the NOPI line, the only thing I think I would appreciate them changing is the awkward bottle shape! It is super cute to look at, but it's just a bit of a pain to store!

A collage featuring a couple additional manicure shots, and a label shot of Nicole by OPI 'You're an Angel'

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