Sunday, March 22, 2020

Essie 'Bordeaux'

Today's manicure is a classic polish - Essie's 'Bordeaux'.  Fun fact: this polish was part of the original release of 12 polishes when the Essie brand was launched in 1981! It is a deep red wine jelly polish, that gives a vampy, sophisticated look on the nails. I think this polish is absolutely gorgeous. Next to metallic reds, I would say that jelly reds are probably my next favourite way to wear red nails. 

I really like my deep reds to read as red, as opposed to brown, so I like using as few coats as possible to keep the polish as light as possible. On the swatch above, I used only one coat of bordeaux, and one coat of glossy top coat to amplify the shine. However, the nails appear somewhat lighter in the photo than they do in real life, due to the strong lights I use for my pictures. 

Label shot of Essie Bordeaux

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