Thursday, March 5, 2020

Mani Refresh: Holo-Glitter Topped Pink Shimmer Nails

I wanted to refresh my mani from the last post, so I decided to top them with a holographic bar glitter polish, to give a bit of a princessy-vibed mani!  The polishes I used were Nicole by OPI's 'You're an Angel', and Kleancolor's 'Starry Night'. For bottle shots, you can see 'You're an angel' here, and 'Starry Night' here.

This combination was certainly fun to wear and look at - even for such a simple manicure! Plus, it was a really great way to refresh a manicure that I had reached the point of boredom with. The pink polish that serves at the base polish in this manicure, had been my previous manicure. I wanted a bit of a change, but I wasn't keen on completely removing my nailpolish and starting over, either. I decided to just add a coat of the glitter to revitalize the mani without doing a lot of work!

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