Thursday, December 24, 2020

Quick Christmas Manicure

 Today, I have a quickly done Christmas skittles mani to share:

Quick Christmas Manicure

For this manicure, I used two polishes from the L'Oréal Paris 'Vernis a l'Huile' line of polishes. The polishes were colour B34 'Déjà Blue', and colour B22 'Moulin Nights'. I did a simple 2 alternating colour skittle manicure.  I thought briefly about covering everything with gold glitter, but decided against the idea solely because I want to do another manicure for Christmas Day, and want this mani to be easy to remove!

Quick Christmas Manicure - Polishes Used

I actually did a full manicure with Déjà Blue for my previous manicure (I didn't get a picture of it, so there's no corresponding post  😞). When I noticed that the 'blue' is actually more of a turquoise that leans toward evergreen, I thought it would look really good with red as part of a Christmas mani.

Quick Christmas Manicure Used - Label Shots

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  1. These 2 are so pretty :-D
    Hope you had a great Christmas :-D