Wednesday, September 16, 2020

OPI Fall 2020 'Muse of Milan' collection: 'My Italian is a Little Rusty'

Today I have another polish to share from the OPI Fall 2020 collection 'Muse of Milan'. This one is called 'My Italian is a litle Rusty':

'My Italian is a Little Rusty' is a warm chestnut brown creme polish. To me, it seems like a darker version of 'Have Your Panettone and Eat it Too', another polish in the 'Muse of Milan' collection. Just like '...Panettone..', 'My Italian is a Littly Rusty' is super-autumnal, and instantly puts me in a fall mood! In fact, these were the only two polishes from the collection that really sparked my interest.

Label Shot: 'My Italian is a Little Rusty'

I found the shade to be quite lovely - it reminds me of fresh, unworked clay... so earthy and gorgeous! I also think it worked will with my skin tone. On me, the colour is very neutral, but the extra warmth adds a bit of 'oomph', to make the over-all look a bit more interesting. The formula was also very good.

All in all, this polish did not disappoint! 

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  1. Not a fan of such shades, but it looks okay actually. And I love the name haha :-D