Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Grey Mani with Pink Splatter Glitter

Today I have a quick and easy glitter manicure to share:

This manicure uses Rimmel's 'Grey Matter' as a base, under a coat of Claire's Cosmetics's Splatter glitter polish in the colorway 'Paparazzi'. 'Paparazzi' was featured on the blog before as part of a manicure I did for my 'Project Polish', you can click here for that entry.

The whole impetus behind this manicure was actually to give 'Paparazzi' one more chance before deciding whether or not to declutter it. The polish is quite old, and it has gone a little gloopy. On top of that, the colorway is pretty limiting, in that it's hard to think of base colors that it would look good with. And finally, the polish isn't really my cup of tea anymore. Because of this, I've decided part with this polish. 

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